Simca 1100 Cars

The SIMCA 1100, as launched in 1967 was years ahead of its time in terms of packaging. The five-door family hatchback had yet to be popularized, and it was SIMCA that produced the first small family hatchback that the French fell in love with. In the end, over 2 million were sold, and even when the car that was designed to replace it couldn't kill it, such was its endearing popularity.

The Development Story

Here is the story of how the SIMCA 1100 was conceived, and what happened during its production life... from start to finish.

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Matra Rancho

Matra developed this extremely innovative utility vehicle; it was based upon the 1100 VF1...

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SIMCA 1200 Campero

A Chrysler Espaņa dealership in Madrid called Talleres Panades developed a version of its 1200, which boasted much in the way of utilitarian appeal...

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Talbot Wind

The Matra-Rancho might be remembered as the first "urban on-roader", but when it went out of production, it was left to the Wind to fill the void...

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1100 gallery

Images of the 1100...

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