Hillman Avenger Cars

The Avenger was conceived as a replacement for the Hillman Minx models, but also to bring the company into the 1970s with some style. The engineering and development was all completed in the UK, but the style was almost pure Detroit. As it happened, this happily coincided with products from BLMC (the Morris Marina) and Ford (The Escort).

The Development Story

Here is the story of how the Avenger was conceived, and what happened during its production life...

Enter Avenger Development


Drawings and prototypes

Work began on the Avenger in 1965, under the codename, "B Car". The intention was to add some style, be more cost effective and compete effectively with the all-conquering Ford Cortina.

Enter Avenger Prototypes

R429 Coupe proposal

Exclusive to rootes-chrysler.co.uk, pictures of the proposed coupe version of the Avenger

Enter R429 Coupe

American Avengers

Press photos of the Plymouth Cricket; America's Avenger

Enter the Plymouth Cricket

South American Avengers

The South American Avenger, produced in Brazil and Argentina. It also went on to a VW-badged afterlife...

Enter South American Avengers

New Zealand Avengers

The Avenger sold well in New Zealand, and Andy Thompson charts its history there...

Enter New Zealand Avengers

European Avengers

In Europe, Hillman Avengers were referred to as Sunbeam Avengers...

Enter European Hillman Avenger

The Avenger at Ryton

Pictures of the Avenger being built at the Ryton factory...

Enter Avenger Production at Ryton

New Zealand Avengers in production

Pictures of the Avenger being built at Todd Park

Enter Avenger Production


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