Car of the month, July 2004

Bought off eBay a couple of months ago, Keith Adams finds an example of a car he has been looking for since time immemorial...

This particular example, was originally owned by Talbot in Coventry and appears to have led a quiet life..

Talbot Tagora 2.2GLS

Bought from eBay, this Tagora appears to be in remarkably good shape. Picked up for the princely sum of 83, it was advertised as a non-runner, and as it had been stood for three years, I don't doubt it. Once I got the car home, a gallon of fresh petrol and some new fuel pipes to replace the perished ones underbonnet had it up and running in no time.

A quick run confirmed it was still in good shape; it braked and steered extremely well, and like all large French engineered cars, its ride quality was absolutely astounding. As it stands at the moment, it needs two new sills to get it through an MoT, but once this is attended to, I do not doubt that it will provide years of dependable motoring.

One particular bonus of the Tagora, is its wonderful interior, including the most visually appealing warning lights I have ever seen...

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