Chrysler Horizon Cars

The Horizon was simultaneously launched in Europe and the USA in December 1977. Chrysler had ambitions that the Horizon would become its world car, loved by everyone from Italy to California. However, disappointing sales and Chrysler's own troubles soon put paid to that idea...

The Development Story

Here is the story of how the Horizon was conceived, and what happened during its production life...

Enter the Horizon Development

Projects and prototypes

Work began on the Horizon in 1974, under the codename, C2. Like the C6, it was heavily based upon the SIMCA 1100, and also like the C6, it was styled by Roy Axe's team at the Whitley design centre.

Enter the Horizon Prototypes

American Horizons

The Horizon was always conceived as a "World Car", and it did get sold in Federalized form in the USA.

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Finnish Horizons

The Horizon and Alpine/1510 were produced in Finland by Valmet. Read all about it here.

Enter the Valmet Finnish Horizons

Group B Horizons

Had it not been for the success of the Audi Quattro, then this mid-engined Horizon would have seen the light of day...

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