Chrysler Alpine Cars

The Chrysler Alpine and its French brother, the Chrysler-SIMCA 1307/1308, were important cars for Chrysler Europe, as they were the first of a range of Pan-European cars. They sold well in France, but did not do quite so well in the UK.

The Development Story

Here is the story of how the Alpine and SIMCA 1308 were conceived, and what happened during its production life...

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Projects and prototypes

Work began on the Alpine in 1973, under the codename, "C6". Essentially, it was an up-scaled SIMCA 1100 styled by Roy Axe's team in the UK.

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The RSV was produced by the Chrysler Corporation in collaboration with the Calspan corporation. Its raison d’ętre was to showcase the safety features we would all expect by 1980

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Chrysler 150

The Alpine/1308 was offered in Spain, and was badged as the Chrysler 150 (presumably to tie in with the 180, which sold well in Spain).

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Moskvich 2141 Aleko

The Moskvich 2141 had no technical links with the Alpine/1308, but it more than a passing resemblance to the post 1980 models...

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Talbot Minx/Rapier

A re-badging exercise late in the life of the Alpine/Solara...


1982 models

Images of the range taken from the 1982 brochure...

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The Alpine at Ryton

After initially being built in Poissy in France, the Alpine began production at Ryton in 1976.

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