C180 / SIMCA 1610 Cars

Chrysler Europe's first attempt at a pan-European car was met with a lukewarm reception. The C Car concept was scuppered in the UK because it wore the wrong badge; equally so in France, where it was marketed as "An American in Paris"...

The Development Story

Here is the story of how the Chrysler 180 / SIMCA 1610 was conceived, and what happened during its production life...

Enter Chrysler 180/Simca 1610 Development

C Car styling proposals

The idea of revamping the Chrysler 180 and introducing a coupe was soon investigated at Whitley...

Enter the Chrysler 180 Styling

Projet 929

SIMCA were working on their own big car proposal (in parallel with Rootes in the UK's C Car). Chrysler pulled the plug on it, favouring the UK effort...

Enter the Simca Projet 929

Chrysler Centura

The Chrysler 180 was re-engineered for the Australian market...

Enter the Chrysler 180 Centura


The Chrysler 180 was also built and sold in Spain...

Enter Chrysler Barreiros


Assorted images of the Chrysler 180 through the years..

Enter the Chrysler 180 Gallery


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