Undoubtedly, the most stylish Avenger derivatives were the Brazilian ones... The Polara looked almost like a two-door Coupe, such was its roofline.

Andy Thompson charts its evolution.

Dodge 1800 Coupé Gran Luxo (World Cars 1974)

The Avenger was also made by Chrysler do Brasil from 1971 to 1980 as the Dodge 1500 (and 1800) and later as the Dodge Polara augmenting the Dart in popularity. Called "Dodginho" in Portugese, it was not initially a sell out despite a relatively nice interior, partly because it was not well adapted to local driving conditions. To increase sales, its name was changed to Polara, which had a relatively good image, and GLS and GL models were added in 1980. It was the first Brazilian production vehicle to have a standard automatic transmission, and sales were steady for its last six years at about 13,000 per year. In 1981, Brazilian production of the Dodge 1500/1800 ceased, when Chrysler pulled out. In Brazil just the two door version was offered, which also featured a different style of rear side window to that used on the European model.

Press Photos

Dodge 1800 SE Coupé (World Cars 1975)

Dodge 1800 Coupé (World Cars 1976)

Dodge Polara Gran Luxo (World Cars 1980)

Dodge Polara GLS Coupé (World Cars 1981)

Pictures kindly supplied by Declan Berridge





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